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Karaoke Dates : The Way to a Filipina’s Heart

A photo of a group of Filipinas at a karaoke party Dating a Filipina can involve a lot of fun and exciting karaoke sessions. | Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

There’s a lot of dating advice for men who want to know everything there is to know about dating a Filipina. But the thing about these pieces of advice is that they don't always take into account certain quirks of Filipino culture. There are things that Filipinos do that somehow don’t make it into all the guide books written about the country.

One such quirk that doesn’t appear all that often is how much Filipinos love karaoke. There are numerous reasons why karaoke singing is a big part of their culture.

  1. Singing Time
  2. Filipinos love their karaoke. This is seen in the prevalence of karaoke bars all over the country, even in roadside stores wherein tenants make the effort to set up karaoke machines for their customers.

    If there’s one bit of realistic dating advice a foreign man should take to heart when trying to find love with a Filipina, it’s to get ready to sing his heart out. You won't need to have the best vocals in the room, simply let your confidence shine and have fun together with your Filipina girl.

  3. Social Success
  4. In the Philippines, karaoke is seen as a social activity. Groups of friends gather to do it. In fact, it’s so popular as a group activity that people will often rent out private rooms or even entire venues just so they and their friends can have as much time to sing as they possibly can.

  5. Drinking
  6. Karaoke bars are also great for other things aside from singing and drinking. They are, after all, bars, so alcohol is usually served. A man can go about dating a Filipina and order his favorite beer while belting out his favorite tunes. There’s really no downside to this enjoyable activity.

    There’s also food available. So a karaoke bar involves drinking, eating, and singing. It’s essentially a party.

  7. Privacy
  8. In some countries, a karaoke bar has one stage where a person who wants to perform has to go up in front of people and sing. That’s not the case with Filipino karaoke bars. Instead of singing in front of everyone in the bar, Filipino karaoke bars section their establishment off into private spaces that patrons rent. Then the patrons can start living out their fantasies of being a rock star.

    The rooms are soundproof, so a person can sing to their heart’s content without the worry of public embarrassment. After all, being embarrassed in public isn’t something that most dating advice blogs would recommend a man do while trying to romance a Filipina. So privacy is a real boon to those looking for love in the Philippines.

  9. It’s Just Fun
  10. The point of going out on dates is to connect with another person. In order to do so, fun must be had by both parties.

    Well, there are a few things that are more conducive to having a good time than singing. For some reason, people just enjoy doing it. Maybe brains are hardwired to appreciate music. Whatever the reason, people generally like things more when there is music involved.

    Dating can be hard. Falling in love can be even harder. There are just so many things that a person has to remember that the whole process can seem to get a little complicated. But it can be simplified. Sometimes, all a person has to remember when dating a Filipina are song lyrics. If you’re ready to start belting out your favorite pieces of music, then start practicing on those notes as you look forward to a lot of Karaoke dates with Filipina women.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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