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Dating Etiquette in Manila

Dating is just like any other social endeavor where there are Dos and Don’ts to abide by to achieve a positive result. For instance, when you are going to date Manila women, you have to make the first move. It is something that wasn’t taught in school or anywhere else but is widely practiced by the general population. There are certain unwritten rules in dating that one must follow if you want your date to end on a positive note.

These unwritten rules are what is considered dating etiquette. Below are more examples of such practices:

  • Pick Her Up and Take Her Home
  • When you plan to go out on a date with Filipino women, it is only proper practice that you pick her up from where she is staying and then go together on your date. This also allows her family to meet you in person if they are staying in the same house. You have to put in mind that when you are dating Filipino women, you are dating her family as well.

    Once your date is over, show her and her family that you care by taking her back home. Nothing softens the parent’s heart more than a guy who wants to make sure their daughter gets home safe and sound.

  • Limit any PDA
  • In countries like the US, PDA or public display of affection may not be an issue. In a conservative country like the Philippines, however, such displays of affection are not so widely accepted by the public. Holding hands and a quick kiss on the cheek is ok. A long, romantic kiss on the lips, on the other hand, is a no-no. If you want to do so, you will need to go somewhere a little private to do your business. You need to remember that not everything that is ok in your country is ok in other countries as well. It all boils down to how you respect each other’s culture and customs no matter how old-school and ridiculous they may seem.

  • Always Offer to Pay for the Date; whether it’s a Meal, Tickets to a Movie, or Whatever Your Date Involves.
  • No questions asked. Offer to pay for the date. In some cases, the lady may offer to split the bill, or she may offer to shoulder the cost of your next date. Otherwise, if she doesn’t say anything, always assume responsibility to pay for the bill.

  • Always be a Gentleman
  • Never allow chivalry to die. Show her that you are more than just a pretty face and that you are someone who respects her as a woman. Open doors for her. Offer her a seat before sitting down yourself.

Dating Deal Breakers for Your Filipina Date

While there are dating practices that will impress your Filipina date, there are also those that do just the opposite. These dating deal breakers are a must-avoid if you want a second date with her. Dating in Manila shouldn’t be a negative experience. To avoid these bad practices, read more about them here:

  • Do not disrespect her religion, or any religion for that matter
  • Filipinos are very religious people. When you get the opportunity to visit a Filipino home, you will notice that in almost every corner of the house, a religious symbol is always present – whether it’s a crucifix, an image of the Virgin Mary, or a portrait of Jesus Christ, you’ll be sure to find one in any Filipino’s house. Disrespecting their religion will most certainly make her and her family think twice about seeing you again in the future.

  • Do not laugh at her, rather, laugh with her
  • People make mistakes. Since English is not a Filipino’s first language, you can be sure that she will have a hard time talking in straight English. Sometimes, these mistakes can be funny and it may make us laugh at someone unintentionally. When dating women in Manila, avoid this at all cost. They easily feel insulted when they sense that you are making fun of them and that would spell disaster for your date. If this does happen, joke around and laugh with her instead of laughing at her.

  • Talking about her family in a negative light
  • Her family may seem weird for you as a foreigner. What with them still making decisions for her even when she is more than capable of making decisions for herself. Or how they are still living under the same roof. This is totally normal for Filipinos. Whatever you think is weird, is normal for others. Filipinos are known to be a very tightly-knit family unit and if you talk ill of her family, she’ll more likely become unattracted to you.

  • Not making her a priority
  • Distractions during a date are inevitable. You have to remind yourself that you went on that date to get to know her better and not to do anything else. If she senses that you are too distracted, then expect her to lose interest.

Date Ideas in Metro Manila

When you visit Manila, there is no limit to dating ideas that you can try out with your date. Manila, after all, is a big city. There are lots of beautiful spots that you can visit and share memories together. The more unforgettable memories you create, the better.

Here are some date worthy places in Manila and some dating ideas:

  • Visit a Museum or Art Gallery
  • Manila, being the capital of the Philippines, houses some of the country’s best Museums and Art Galleries. The Ayala Museum, for example, features many architectural designs that chronicles Philippine history from prehistory to the EDSA People Power Revolution. Enjoy a date with a beautiful woman and at the same time, learn more about the country she’s from.

  • Watch a Movie in the Cinema
  • In this day and age, enjoying a movie in the cinema is becoming unpopular, what with less expensive options such as streaming and downloading movies. A movie date in Manila should be an enjoyable dating idea that you can try with your date. Nothing is as romantic as watching movies on the big screen in the dark.

  • Have a Picnic in the Park
  • Enjoying a meal outdoors should be on your list of date ideas in Metro Manila. Parks surrounded by trees, grass, and shrubbery will surely ignite your love for nature. Makati’s Ayala Triangle Gardens is one of the perfect places for a fun and memorable picnic.

  • Grab an Early Morning Coffee
  • Most women in Manila love coffee. If you want to use their love for coffee to your advantage, go and ask her out on an early morning coffee date. The perfect date doesn’t have to take place at night, some perfect dates happen early in the morning. A good conversation shared with a good cup of coffee – nothing can be more perfect than that.

With all this knowledge, there should no longer be any doubt left in your mind to sign up and join us for our next Manila women tours where you will get a chance to date Manila women. Join us now and find love halfway across the world!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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