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At some point in your life, someone may have told you to find a wife in Manila. Since you’re here, maybe some part of you thinks that you should too.

You’ve tried pursuing local women, but the chemistry is just not there. Your values are different. Your goals and sense of fulfillment aren’t the same.

Most Western men simply want a traditional wife with whom they can start a loving family. A wife they can happily spend the rest of their lives with.

women of Manila attending the socials Go on a singles vacation and meet the gorgeous women of Manila!

And here you are, in search of a wife among Manila women. But what is the success rate? How can you be sure that an enticing woman from Manila would be interested in marrying you?

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there were 15,047 marriages between Filipinos and foreign nationals in 2019, 89.3% of which were between Filipino women and foreign men. Based on that number, 26.8% comprises American men, which is the highest number of intermarriages with Filipino women.

This means that more and more American men are finding suitable life partners among Filipino women, and vice versa.

You might even know someone – a relative, co-worker, or friend – who ended up marrying a Filipino woman.

That being said, has marrying a Filipino woman ever crossed your mind?

In this article, we’ll be discussing the reasons why women in Manila, or Filipino women in general, make ideal partners when it comes to lasting love and a successful marriage.

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Endearing Traits and Qualities of Manila Women

If there’s one thing Filipinos are known for, it’s their hospitality. With that comes their warm smiles and friendly attitudes. This is especially true among the women.

But if you’re looking for wife-material qualities, you’ll be happy to know that women in Manila are known to be:


Filipino culture is big on familial relationships. Many of the country’s traditions and celebrations are centered on family. For women, it’s just as meaningful to them to uphold the values that help keep their family intact.

A Manila woman will carry this influence with her until old age, as most Filipino households care for one another despite having families of their own. This means that extended family members, relatives, and elders can all live under the same roof. If not, in the same neighborhood.


Street smart and book smart. As of 2021, the Philippine Statistics Authority stated that there are an estimated 1.83 million Overseas Filipino Workers, the majority of whom are women. This means that Filipinos go above and beyond to provide for their families. They take their studies seriously in order to pursue fulfilling careers by the time they become adults.

For them, getting a job abroad is much more valuable in terms of salary, career opportunities, and working environments.


Ask anyone you know who’s been to the Philippines. The people there are so friendly and well versed in the English language that you won’t have a hard time connecting with them. So many foreigners have formed lasting bonds with Filipinos throughout their stay.

Whether it’s asking for directions or what the best food in town is, approaching a beautiful lady in Manila shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember to always be courteous and polite.


Filipinos value their sense of honor. Others might refer to it as their reputation. They understand the negative effects of being shamed, especially in public. As much as possible, they don’t want to cause a scene where their honor or reputation might be questioned.

When it comes to the women, however, they tend to be more sensitive towards other people. They are classy and feminine that way. While there are some who have strong opinions and personalities, the majority are soft-spoken and reserved.


Based on the aforementioned qualities, it’s not hard to imagine how kind and loving a Filipina wife can be. The same goes for who she is as a person. One of the best traits of a Manila woman is that she can be selfless to the point that helping other people is more important than tending to her own needs.

Why You Should Find Your Bride in Manila

The women of Manila are not only marriage-material, they’re marriage-minded too. Marriage can mean so many things to so many people, but for Filipinos, it’s a milestone that marks the beginning of a new life – a new life where they get to start their own family.

Although divorce remains illegal in the Philippines, it is also rare for women in the country to take it as an option. Some people also see it as a benefit. Since divorce has never been legalized, married couples have gotten used to sticking to their marriages despite any hardships.

It’s different when you know you have divorce as an option. The fact that marriage entails lifelong commitment, it shouldn’t be that easy to know you can just separate once you realize you no longer want to be together with your spouse.

That being said, the mindset of Filipino women is that if you marry someone, it’s the real deal. Now, who wouldn’t want a wife who understands and values the concept of marriage?

Why Sign Up for Manila Women

a woman from Manila with a Western man Get a chance to spend a day with beautiful Manila women.

This is about changing your life. After all, marrying the love of your life is more than just meeting someone you like and knowing you can still see them the next morning. You’ve found yourself here for a reason, and we’re going to make that reason even clearer.

Here at Manila Women, you won’t just meet lovely ladies who are open to having a serious long term relationship. You will meet marriage-minded women who want to settle down and start a family. It’s a matter of knowing what your end goal is.

Once you’ve got that figured out, here’s what you can expect if you sign up with us.

Exclusive Matchmaking

There’s a lot that goes into determining the level of compatibility between you and a potential partner. This is where the service of a professional matchmaker comes in. Not only do they have years of successful experience under their belt, but they are also dedicated to helping you build the relationship you want.

They are very hands-on and will be working with you every step of the way.

With hundreds of single Manila women registered on our site, our trusted matchmakers can help you find the right partner. All the women registered on our site have been screened and verified for a safe and productive international dating experience.

What else do our matchmakers do? They set up social events with complimentary services prepared for you to personally get to know Manila women. So you will not just enjoy the attractions of Manila. You will also have the opportunity to explore them with a beautiful Manila lady by your side.

Exploring the Best Spots in Manila

Make the most of our exciting tours by immersing yourself in the culture of Manila and its incredible attractions. As the capital of the Philippines, it has a bustling city life where you can appreciate the modern architecture and recreational activities that both locals and tourists can enjoy.

There are also a number of historical sites if you want to get to know the city more. All of this will be in a detailed itinerary with a set schedule so you don’t miss out on the entire experience.

But wait, there’s more! You have the option to join our tour individually or with a group.

Group Tours

This is our most famous tour. You will get to attend the socials, go on city tours, and meet hundreds of women (if not all who are present during the tour). It’s your very own singles vacation. You will also be joined by fellow single lads who are interested in meeting the women.

Individual Tours

While there are no socials events or city tours for this, you will have one-on-one introductions with a set number of ladies. This is best for more intimate interactions with the woman you’re interested in.

Though both tours have their own schedules and packages, they’re an effective method to get to know potential partners in Manila. Keep in mind that the best way to build lasting connections is by meeting the women in person. We highly encourage you to go see them face-to-face.

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How to Find the Perfect Match among Manila Women

We understand that all this information might be a little overwhelming. But we’re here to guide you so you know what to do.

First of all, register.

Simply fill out all the necessary information so you can take advantage of all the features on our site. Again, registration is absolutely FREE.

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Explore your options.

While you can easily browse their profiles, you also have the option to input your preferences – age, height, weight, etc. You can do this through our Advanced Search.

Take advantage of our services.

We’ll leave the exploring to you. Everything on this page is basically an overview of what we have to offer here at Manila Women.

All things considered, why date a Filipina when you can marry one? Start meeting single Manila women today and find yourself a keeper.

You’ve been looking for a loving wife for so long. It’s about time you go meet her.

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