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How to Date Filipino Women as a Foreigner

A Filipino woman in a bikini sitting on a lifeguard’s post at a beach, smiling Dating a Filipina presents its own unique challenges, but it’s well worth the hardship.

A considerable number of Western men aren’t exactly opposed to the idea of being with a Filipino woman.

It's rather something that they actively pursue.

But the thing about this romantic pursuit is that there are some cultural differences that can make it difficult for a Western man to win one over.

Cultural quirks are to be expected when a Western man goes about dating a Filipina.

After all, there are a number of differences in Western societies and in the Philippines.

Being considerate of these cultural differences is part of what it’s like dating a Filipina.

Family Matters

It’s an old trope in most television sitcoms where some in-laws simply do not approve of their son or daughter’s partner.

In a lot of cases, this hostility will be outright acknowledged from both parties who are in a relationship as they openly take glee in the other’s misery.

This is emphatically not the case in Filipino society.

In fact, most Filipino people, women and men both, won’t even consider marrying someone who doesn’t get the approval of the entire family.

And family in Filipino society doesn’t just end with blood. An aunt’s close friend can express apprehension, and that apprehension will be considered by the aunt herself, who then relays it to the parents of the respective party.

At that point, there is a chance for the relationship of the party involved to end.

And God forbid that a grandparent disapproves. It’s well and truly over if that is the case.

Filipinos aren’t a society known for defying their families. To them, a grandparent’s word is good as law.

Even those who believe that they have gotten the chance to find love will still consent to their family’s wishes.

So Many Holidays

The thing about the Philippines is that Filipino people will celebrate every single holiday there is, and each of those holidays will invariably involve a substantial amount of eating.

So when it comes to knowing what to expect when marrying a Filipina, holidays are one of the things Filipinos certainly look forward to.

Let’s Go To the Mall

The Philippines is a very hot country.

It’s also a cash-based society.

These two factors combined have led to the rise of shopping malls throughout the Philippines.

People need a place to hang out in that’s air-conditioned so they can escape the heat. And not everyone can shop online because they may not have their own debit or credit card.

As such, malls continue to be popular places for Filipino women to hang out in, and the men who date them should be ready to become mallrats.

It’s So Hot

The Philippines is a tropical country.

This means that it has a lot of amazing beaches.

It also means that the weather is pretty predictable.

The Philippines generally has three types of weather; hot, hot but also wet for some reason, and typhoons. But most of the year, it’s just hot.

So yes, the heat can be sweltering. And anyone who is fortunate enough to be with a Filipino woman should be ready for that.

So Many Rom-Coms

If there’s one thing a foreigner needs to understand about the cinematic tastes of the FIlipino people, it is that they love their romantic comedies.

A fair majority of the mainstream films that are produced in the Philippines are romantic comedies and they all strictly follow a formula.

They will even reuse the same two actors over and over again just because of the fan base. But then again, this formula does have a certain charm to it.

As you can see, being with a Filipino woman will mean having to make certain adjustments every now and then. That’s the thing about love too; it’s two people accommodating each other. Once you’re able to win one over, all your efforts will then be worth it.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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