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What to Know When Dating a Filipino | Common Red Flags

A photo of a Filipino woman in a pink linen dress walking along the seashore Find out if Filipino women are serious about dating you. | Photo by Roland Hechanova on Unsplash

Despite the growing number of foreign men who travel to the Philippines to find love, not many of them are familiar with what to know when dating a Filipino woman.

Whether you’re new to this experience or not, having a basic understanding of how Filipino women are when it comes to love and relationships just isn’t enough. Over time, you would also have to learn what to watch out for so you don’t end up wasting your efforts on the wrong woman.

As men, we all start with the normal routine of trying to make a good impression so that we can eventually land a date with the woman we like. We go out on the first few dates, then we move on to making ourselves worthy of being loved. While doing the best you can to earn a Filipino woman’s love is the topmost goal you should have in mind, it’s equally beneficial to know what signs indicate that you shouldn’t continue with your pursuit.

Doing some research on their culture might give you a good idea of what it’s like dating a Filipina, but to experience it first hand is the best lesson you can teach yourself. As such, to know if a Filipina is not serious about dating you, let alone be in a committed relationship, try to observe the following behaviors and red flags:

  1. She is hesitant to have deep conversations with you.
  2. If there is one thing you should know about Filipinas, it’s that they are very talkative. They don’t just talk about meaningless things, either. If they truly value you and hope to have a special relationship with you, they will do whatever it takes to connect with you. One of the best ways to do so is to have deep conversations. Otherwise, how will you be able to get to know each other at all?

  3. You are introduced as her “friend”.
  4. Say you’ve been going out a few times and she acts accordingly in convenient situations — trying to get you to think that she likes you — but whenever you are introduced to her circle, you’re always referred to as her friend.

  5. Guys easily flirt with her even when you’re around.
  6. You can’t blame them if she’s the one who keeps entertaining them in the first place. The fact that she’s leading you on together with other men at the same time only means she’s not taking any of you seriously.

  7. All your dates include other people.
  8. It could be her friend, cousin, sibling, or a group of them altogether. Don’t even try to dignify the situation by telling yourself that she’s just a friendly gal who enjoys being in the company of loved ones all the time. How can romance bloom if other people are always around?

  9. She doesn’t talk about her family.
  10. Family is ingrained in Filipino culture. There is hardly a Filipina who isn’t close to her family, and one of the clearest signs a Filipina likes you is if she talks to you about them. This also includes introducing you to them as her romantic partner. Without any of this, you can bet that she isn’t planning on sticking around for long.

  11. Money is always an issue.
  12. It can’t be denied that there are some gold diggers out there, Filipino women or not. She might always complain about how you’re not showing enough effort by not buying her the things she likes or consistently paying the bill. However, even a guy like you can agree that there is a limit to everything. If you consistently feel like she’s making a bank out of you, you better run for your life.

  13. Your eyes almost never meet.
  14. One of the best ways to know if someone has sincere intentions is by taking note of how they look at you. Some Filipinas fall in love fast, yes, and because of this, they are not hesitant to show it. You will be able to notice a spark in her eyes whenever she looks at you, be it through silence or when you’re sharing an intimate conversation. But if she barely even looks at you, be it on dates or when you’re with a group of friends, then there’s no spark — meaning, there’s no love.

  15. There is too much awkwardness.
  16. Aside from not having anything in common, you hardly have any conversations where you get along. Whenever it’s just the two of you, she would always be on her phone, make comments about what’s happening around you, or simply stay quiet until something grabs either of your attention.

  17. She doesn’t show any interest in the things you like.
  18. It’s a two-way street. Just because you should be consistent in your efforts to show that you’re interested in her doesn’t mean that she should continue to accept all your efforts and gestures without showing anything in return. These ladies like to play hard to get sometimes, but if she doesn’t even make an effort to get to know you for who you are, it’s most likely a dead-end relationship.

  19. You hardly hear from her until she needs something from you.
  20. This behavior shows that she is obviously using you and doesn’t plan to be romantically linked to you in any way. Even though time and effort will determine how much you want to pursue someone, you should be able to tell when they’re just taking these things for granted.

Making the Most of Your Experience

Dating a Filipina is more than just getting to know each other on a deeper level and establishing a romantic relationship; it’s also about looking forward to having a future where you can be happy and content. Although we can never prepare ourselves for when we fall in love with someone, we can at least be aware of situations that show who is genuine and honest, and who is not.

Keep yourself up to date with what to know when dating a Filipino woman so you can assess different situations, traits, and behaviors. Not only will this prevent you from falling for the wrong person, but you’ll also become more dedicated and aware of who deserves your time and honest effort.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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