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Things Men Say That Make Filipina Women Angry

A beautiful Filipina woman. While Filipina women are soft-hearted, it pays to be on their good side. | Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash

The Filipino people are known for many great things. Their hospitality, great sense of humor, and the ability to look at the bright side of life amidst a storm. No one can smile happier like how the Filipinos do.

They're empathetic and will treat you like family. They won't hesitate in helping you in times of need in ways they can.

Similarly, Filipino ladies are incredible. Their personality is unlike any other, and they can love you fully as much as they love their country and family.

But nevertheless, they are human. Treat them the wrong way, or say the wrong thing and you may just see that smile flip upside down.

So take a break, and remember these things you shouldn't say to a Filipina woman:


It's normal for couples to exchange thoughts, concerns, and remarks with each other when fighting. When you want to resolve a conflict, it's helpful for you to be honest about the way you think and the things you want to say.

But telling a Filipino woman to stop and listen to you can only imply that she wasn't listening to you at all. While this makes your heated argument worse, it makes her angry, too.

Your words would come off as a command, and she'd be left with no choice but to play the part. No one wants that. So don't say the word to her.

If you truly want to speak, let her finish first and just say it directly. There's no need for you to tell her to listen since she's doing it anyway.


Words you say have the ability to stir up an argument with a woman. Especially if she sees you couldn't care less about the situation, it only irritates her more.

When a woman is angry with you, acknowledge her feelings. You may not know exactly how she feels, but as her partner, understand.

Don't ever try to dismiss her feelings by saying whatever. Being indifferent will not help you solve the problem.

A man speaking with someone on the phone. Practicing proper dating etiquette can help make a lasting good impression. | Photo by Anton Sharikov on Unsplash

When she tells you her feelings, do you respond?

Well, some of you may do, while others don't. If this is your way to prevent an argument, it doesn't mean you can ignore how she feels. It's alright not to say anything, but it's wrong not to feel anything.

“Your family meddles too much.”

Filipino culture is widely known for having close family ties. To them, a family is everything. It should come first above all else. Because of this, Filipinos give utmost importance to their family.

They put family as the priority and oftentimes refer to them when making decisions. Thus, their family can decide for them, even in choosing the man they'll marry.

Because of this, you can never tell a Filipina that her family meddles too much. If you do, don't expect her to be with you any longer. She'd no doubt walk away from you.

If you feel that her family gets in the way, say it nicely. There are other ways for you to say what you mean by using kind words.

“Calm down. I can explain.”

If someone tells you to calm down, would you be?

Obviously not. These words never help at all. In fact, it makes you feel even more annoyed. Telling a woman to calm down works the same way, so it's not right for you to say this.

Rather than telling her this, you can simply ask what she's mad about or what's going on with her. Say it gently, so she'll feel that you're willing to listen. Don't mirror the emotions she has, for this might only lead to an argument.

“The dress looks great on you. How much weight have you lost?”

It is a basic dating etiquette to appreciate and compliment a potential partner. Her dressing up and looking her best for your date is something that you shouldn't disregard.

Saying words of appreciation would tell that you noticed and liked it. With sheer honesty, these words are what women wish to hear from you.

However, telling her about the weight you think she lost won't come out nice. You're only implying that she didn't look good before.

A happy couple enjoying the sunset together. Do you want to win her heart? Then learn everything you need to know about Filipino dating. | Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

It's hurtful to hear this. If you truly want to show admiration, you can also say:

  1. You look gorgeous in that dress.
  2. Your hair looks nicer every day.
  3. I'd never tire of seeing your smile.
  4. I'd give anything to see you every day.
  5. I feel like the luckiest man with you.

“You’re lucky I never…”

One of the dating rules to make your relationship last is to never bring up the past. If it doesn't relate to the issue you're facing, don't attempt to free yourself from the guilt by saying so. It's just toxic and dirty.

If you made a mistake, be mature enough to accept and apologize. Don't make yourself feel better by rubbing the mistakes in her face. Remember that it doesn't make you more of a man but rather lesser of who you are.

Repent and ask for forgiveness. That's what real men do.

Consoling Women

Dating in the Philippines isn’t just amazing, it’s a learning experience. It teaches you patience, perseverance, and consistency.

Fights can make you stronger together. While there are certain ways for you to avoid it, sometimes, it just can't be helped. Console a woman by:

  1. Be calm and control your emotions.
  2. Approach her when you want to talk.
  3. Know that losing an argument is alright.
  4. Give her what she wants for the time being.
  5. Learn to understand where she's coming from.
  6. Help her help you.

Making Her Smile

Diamonds form under pressure.
Relationships are tested with time and struggles.
People become braver after a catastrophic storm.

Living isn't easy. You have to work hard on things you really want for it to become yours. Victory is sweeter when you put much effort into it.

Just like in love, it can get hard sometimes. If you love, you hurt. It's always this way.

Saying something that makes a woman angry is inevitable. It's normal and can happen every day.

But not learning from it is unnatural. Learn from the mistakes you make and try not to do it again.

Filipina women are great partners. If you date one, cherish, treasure, and honor her.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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