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What Manila Women Expect on First Dates

Man and woman facing each other smiling There are different first-date expectations. Here’s a list of what Manila women expect. | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

First dates are expected to be exciting, romantic, and free from stress. But the truth is, in reality, dates are actually terrifying. No matter if it is your first time or not, freaking out about what to do will always happen. Foreign men who are planning to date Manila women would stress not only about learning the Filipino culture but also how to impress these women.

So what do women in Manila expect on first dates? It does not necessarily need to involve flowers and chocolates or throwing her rehearsed romantic lines the whole dating stay. This may surprise you, but the most important thing any woman expects on the first date is being comfortable with their date. If she is comfortable with you, she will be able to open up to you and spend more time with you.

You are probably wondering how to establish comfort on the first date. The first thing you need to do is to, of course, wear something comfortable. Doing so will make you feel light, and thus can make her feel the same too.

You also have to take care of your hygiene. You would not want her to run away from you, right? Keep her close by smelling fresh.

Also remember to look into her eyes while she’s talking, not anywhere else. This means that you are listening to what she says and that you are interested in her. You also have to break eye contact once in a while. Too much of it can also make you look creepy, which will, needless to say, make her uncomfortable.

Remember, it is important to establish that she can feel safe with you. Make her feel at home and forget that you were just strangers. A woman expects a lot of things on the first date, and one of those is feeling relaxed with you in order to make a connection.

First-Date Expectations of Manila Women

Now that you have established comfort, you now need to understand more about Manila women’s expectations on first dates. Although it may vary depending on the person, the basic expectations are still there that all women would agree. Here are some of what to expect in a first date:

  • You are expected to be on time.
  • Since you have agreed to meet with her, be on time. Tardiness can give you an impression that you do not take the date seriously, which could make you lose the chance of being successful in Manila dating.

  • You are expected to really be there.
  • Obviously, you should be there. But being there is more than just arriving. You should be in the moment. This means, no phones, no earphones on, no chatting with friends for a long time when you see them in the same restaurant. Your attention should be there for the date, for her, for that day. Doing so will make her feel special.

  • You are expected to exert effort.
  • The first date is the make or break stage. So put all you have got in it and be the best you can be.

    Start with your appearance. Being well-groomed is important. Taking a shower is obvious. Shave off your beard or trim it if you think you look better with it.

    Dress code may vary depending on the location of the date. You do not need to buy new clothes, but you need to make an effort on your appearance. If you are the one setting the date in Metro Manila, think ahead if you have appropriate clothes for that location. If you do not have fancy clothes, choose a place that does not require one but can still be romantic. Do not force yourself to look expensive if you are not comfortable with it. You should feel breezy with what you are wearing to lessen the nervousness of a first date.

  • You are expected to be responsible.
  • Some women offer to pay for their meal. Some would offer to split the cheque. That is normal nowadays. Men should expect this to happen on first dates too.

    But the tradition of men being the one to pay is still alive. That would be a nice gesture; insist on it if you can. You can tell her to consider it as your gift to her so she would gladly accept your offer. This action would not mean that you are showing off your wealth; it means that you can handle your finances well.

  • You are expected to be open.
  • First dates give people a chance to get to know each other. The most basic information about career and relationships are being shared. If you want, you can dive deeper and talk about your families or beliefs. This is the time to discover and learn new things about your date, and you are expected to be open too.

    However, you should still consider things that you should be talking about. Honesty is good, but you have to be sensitive too. Learn to read the room. Reserve your stronger ideas and opinions later or talk about it in a nice way. If having an intelligent conversation is what you are looking for, try not to sound mean.

  • You are expected to follow up on her.
  • If you feel this to be a successful date, she will expect you to call her again for another date. She will be waiting for that call, and if you don’t, she will think that you never liked her. So if you wouldn’t want her to move on and go on a date with someone else, go ahead and call her the moment she gets home. Even better, you can schedule your next date when you send her home.

    If this is one of those awful first dates, stay calm and kind. Appreciate the time she spent with you and, if you are lucky, not walking out on you. She also exerted effort in getting to know you and listened to you, but you two just don’t click. If that is the case, do not be mad at her. Follow up with a thank you and move on with your lives.

The Formula for a Successful First Date

There is none.

There are no tricks, no magic. Meeting women in real life can be exciting, and anything can happen on the first date. But the abovementioned tips could pave the way for you to find the one among Manila women. These tips can help you make a connection, and when you do, you are one step closer to a long-term relationship.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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