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Filipina Dating: Should You Kiss on a First Date?

A couple sitting together on a couch. Showcase the best man in you as you face reality and the wonders of Filipina dating. | Photo by Angga Aditya on Unsplash

If you were to go on a date with a Filipina woman, would you bravely kiss her?

You're not to blame for saying yes because it's completely reasonable. Fighting the urge to kiss the lips of a Filipina is just hard. Its soft pink color makes you want to kiss it even more.

Filipina dating is very different from dating a woman from another culture. In the Philippines, women are more traditional, sophisticated and would rather take things slow.

Going on a first date can be overwhelming. But despite feeling that way, the idea of it is just wonderful. It feels exciting, and you greatly anticipate it. How could this be?

If you're hoping for a kiss, Romeo, you'd better hold your horses. Because going at the wrong time and messing up the moment might blow your chance right away.

Before you ask her out, know what kissing on the first date means to her:

The Filipino Dating Culture

Filipino dating culture represents many of the country's retained beliefs and traditions. Compared to now, Filipino men and women used to be more traditional, especially in things such as this.

While being timid is still prevalent today, some traditions have evidently been lost. Even with this, the Filipino dating community is unlike any other you'll come across.

Here are some examples of what Filipinos consider to be "appropriate" and "unacceptable" in terms of dating:

  • Holding hands: For Filipinos, this is normally accepted. In the Philippines, you'll see that many couples hold hands. It's a common thing for both unmarried and married couples, so it's something you'll always see. Because it's absurd to hold hands if you're just friends, this gesture is only for people in relationships.
  • Public kissing: A soft peck on the cheek or forehead, or a swift slap on the lips, is all that is necessary for a kiss in public to be considered appropriate. It would be vulgar if it were not for this. Stick to the Filipino way to avoid unwanted stares and whispers.
  • Hugging: Hugging in public is fine, but doing it in a more affectionate way isn't. Don't hug a Filipina as though you're about to take her to bed. Always keep this in mind.
Lovely Filipina standing by the door. Do you know what happens if you have a Filipina wife? You become the luckiest man alive. | Photo by Vasile Stancu on Unsplash

Other Ways to Show Interest

You happily savor the last bite of cake as romantic music plays in the background. In time with the right moment, the restaurant's lights dimmed. Across from you, your beautiful Filipina woman appeared to be an angel. What a wonderful evening.

You stutter in your thoughts, like a two-year-old not knowing what's right from wrong. “Should I kiss her?”

While on the first date with a Filipina lady, it's natural to have these kinds of thoughts in your head. Such a thing would always occur to anyone. Remember that kissing isn't the only way to show someone you're interested in them. In reality, there are more ways to show it than you may know.

Instead of arguing with yourself about how to initiate a kiss on a date, remember these key points:

  • Listen carefully to what she has to say.
  • Ask her questions about herself to prove you're interested in knowing more about her.
  • Respond in a courteous manner.
  • Smile and give her your full attention.
  • When she's around, put down whatever you're doing.
  • To help her get to know you better, tell her about yourself.
  • To express your gratitude, pay her generous yet sincere compliments.
  • In any way, be polite.

To Kiss or Not to Kiss?

It's difficult deciding to kiss or not while on a first date with a Filipina lady. You're torn between going your own way or following her lead. It's just as confusing when you try to decide between eating pickles dipped in orange juice or having grilled pineapple with tabasco sauce. Deciding is just plain hard.

Don't be harsh on yourself. After all, it's always up to her to want to kiss you, too. A Filipina is less likely to kiss you on a first date. Although she may really want one, she'd rather preserve her pride and modesty first. The last thing she'd want from you is to perceive her as easy.

There's no need to rush things since it's still your first date together. Filipina as she is, she'd take her time with you. The much-anticipated kiss will be fairly yours when she's ready. Know that timing is everything.

A silhouette of a couple facing each other. Don’t let a kiss on the first date dictate your future with a Filipina. Know if it works for these ladies. | Photo by Barna Kovács on Unsplash

What a Kiss Means

Before asking her out, you should know why kissing is important to a woman. Mainly, its roots back in the Filipino dating culture many years ago. Filipino ladies were taught that one ought to wait for the right man before taking such a step. So, if she doesn't kiss you, don't be discouraged or upset.

Good things come to those who wait. While you date a woman from the Philippines, be patient. You might not win the lottery, but you'll be equally lucky by the time she decides to kiss you.

By this time, you'll realize everything was worth waiting for.

Being the Gentleman

If you truly want a Filipina wife, be the best guy you can be. They're some of the most exquisite women you'll ever know, and to be treated as such is what they deserve.

Not all men can date a Filipina. The way they devote themselves to their culture and family is something that only a few people can understand. Make yourself a lucky man by loving a Filipina unconditionally.

Ask what she truly wants, and you'll see that it's the simple things. Focus on her and your budding relationship, and give her the right amount of respect like how you do for her country, culture, and family.

Don't be too overwhelmed by the idea of seeing her, or you might end up ruining a thing or two. Kissing her on your first date could be a little too much for her, so don't push it. You'll know it if she does want it from the start. You may not hear her say the words, but look into her eyes, and you'll find the answer.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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