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Budget Friendly Dates with Filipinas in Manila

A Filipino street food enjoyed by a lot of people. Gather your best moments together with her while you date in Manila without having to worry in terms of budget! | Photo by Kristian Ryan Alimon on Unsplash

Your phone rings in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon and you check to see who it could be. As you open the message, you read that she just asked you out. While she is on her way home after having to spend time with family, she misses your presence and suggests dating. Oh, how sweet Filipinas can be.

You stand up and go over your calendar and realize that you are free for the rest of the day. Perfect.

Having thought this, a smile touches your face. What a wonderful moment to enjoy Manila. You confirm and start prepping.

As your fingers brush along the rack of clothes you have, you freeze midway. Yes, this was unexpected. You run to your wallet and realize what you have left might not be sufficient. Well, you are in one deep yogurt.

Debating with yourself might be the best option. Should you cancel the last minute? Then your frontal lobe does its wonders and you come up with an idea.

Going out along the streets of Metro Manila is one of the best things you can do with your woman. Truly, there are a lot of unique date ideas Philippines for both of you to enjoy. Mind you, it does not have to be costly at all!

Yes, you read that right. Budget friendly dates and places to go in Manila for couples are here to save the day. Would there be a more wonderful moment than enjoying the city of Manila with the woman of your dreams?

The thrill of online dating has faded and getting to see each other in person is an opportunity like no other. You see, it helps you establish a better relationship with a Filipina and lets you know each other deeper and to a whole new level and going out with potential partners makes finding your one easier.

Take a look at some of these budget friendly date ideas and affordable romantic restaurants in Manila for you to enjoy:

  1. Exploring the streets of Manila through the Tartanilla.
  2. There is more to Philippines’ capital city than what meets the eye. For you to enjoy it more thoroughly, you can always explore Manila’s streets and ride tartanillas. Tartanillas are a traditional mode of transportation wherein a carriage is attached to a horse’s body and can take you anywhere you want to.

    Hold hands with a Filipina and make the moment more magical by appreciating what you see around you. Beautiful and historical landmarks such as Fort Santiago, Casa Manila, and Rizal Park await for you to see.

  3. Bicycling at Intramuros with Bamboo Bikes.
  4. Are you someone who loves the outdoors? Do you always enjoy doing physical activities in the sun? Well, this activity brings out the best in you!

    The walled city of Intramuros features bicycles made of bamboo to which you can ride on around the city.

    The innovative bicycle is called ‘Bambike’ by the locals, are bicycles made in part from bamboo . As you and your lady enjoy the wonderful sights around you, you are also reducing your carbon footprints and supporting the local sustainable tourism.

  5. For her sweet tooth, visit Dessert Museum.
  6. This has got to be one of the most trendy date spots in the metro and surely your lady would love the place and goods as much as you!

    As the name suggests, it is a place where candies and activities go together. Sweet-themed rooms that are perfect for social media are waiting for you to enjoy them. From Banana Beach to Marshmallow Room and Piñata Pit, you can always jump, have fun, and pose for memorable photos here.

    The confectionery shop offers candy-themed gifts for you to take home as souvenirs as well.

  7. Watch movies only from the best cinemas.
  8. A lot of people enjoy going to the movies. If you like watching actors and actresses portray the role of their characters and the story unfolding right in front of you with artistic editing and the works, cinemas got it all for you.

    So if you are looking for an affordable date idea to enjoy with a Filipina, no doubt this is the best option for you.

  9. Visit Upside Down Museum for a wonderful time together.
  10. Perfect, creative, and upside down! Yes, you heard that right. This museum holds so much of the type of wonder that you can only see in films and other works of fiction. It is where you can pose for different creative artworks with your partner and enjoy a good laugh.

    The Upside Down Museum in Manila will surely not make you regret anything.

  11. Bask in the beauty of the Ayala Triangle Gardens.
  12. Night skies. Twinkling stars. City lights. It’s just the perfect time and place for couples to enjoy a quiet and romantic time together. You can stroll along the modern and captivating sight at Ayala Triangle Gardens.

    Enjoy time with her under the moonlight and without needing to worry about the budget that you’ll be spending.

  13. Take a look at nature only at the La Mesa Eco Park.
  14. For people who are connected and one with nature, the La Mesa Eco Park is perfect for you. The abundance of plants and animals are sure to captivate you.

    Take time and admire the beautiful gardens in this nature park and enjoy activities such as biking, fishing, swimming, archery, basketball, overnight camping, horseback riding, bird watching and butterfly railing and so much more!

  15. Have a Binondo food trip.
  16. You may have heard many times before that the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Is it really true? Well, if you want to know, then take her to Binondo for a food trip.

    There, you can try on some of the best Filipino-Chinese delicacies and dimsum that your taste buds will keep on asking for more.

Cheap But Still the Best

Refrain from believing that spending a lot of money on a date is the one thing that would make her really happy. Instead, keep in mind that memories are what matter most. Rather than spending too much on your dates together, make the best of what you have.

Always make her feel like a queen without all the extravagance. With this, you will only let her see along the real you and the genuine love you have for her. Filipinas aren’t about the money, but the person.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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