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Why Older Men Marry Younger Women in Manila

According to statistics, the divorce rate in the US is around 50% for every married couple and slightly around that for other countries where divorce is available. As alarming as the figure shows, the sad reality is that families, which is supposed to be the most important core unit of society, has lately been given less and less importance. When you marry younger Manila women on the other hand, you can be sure that she will strive to keep the family together and make sure everyone in the family is happy.

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Older men usually prefer younger women because of the fact that younger women tend to be more caring and loving partners than much older women. Younger women are also more involved when it comes to family matters because they are not as busy as older women.

The trend of marrying younger women has even reached the Philippines. With more and more young Manila women looking to meet foreigners in Manila, your chances of being able to marry a Manila woman has never been this high.

Women in Manila are mostly more feminine than their Western counterparts. This is true when it comes to doing household work and taking care of the family. While many Western women demand to be treated as equals to men, young Manila women are content in doing what is expected of a woman to do.

Though there may be several cultural differences, this is something that can easily be overcome with the help of our resources. If you join now, we will help you understand the culture of dating in Manila better so that you will be able to connect on a personal level.

Advantages in Marrying Younger Women in Manila

So why is it advantageous to marry younger Manila women? Here are some of the most popular advantages:

  • Submissive
  • Younger women in Manila are more submissive than their Western counterparts. They tend to be somewhat afraid of disappointing their husbands, so they try to make sure that the husband is happy. Being submissive shows that single Manila ladies care more about family than other women.

  • More caring and loving
  • Young Manila women are naturally more loving and caring. This is mostly because of their good upbringing and the culture of young women. In Philippine culture, younger Filipinos are supposed to respect their elders at all times.

  • Very loyal
  • Manila singles are more loyal than others. This is because they value family more than anything else. The family revolves around their daily lives, and as such, they uphold it with utmost importance.

  • Family oriented
  • As already stated above, young Manila women consider the family as the most important core unit of society. Because of this, Filipinos grew up with a very strong family bond. This is usually the reason why Filipinos have extended families and still take care of them even when they already have families of their own. For instance, Filipinos do not leave their old parents at a nursing home. They would rather have them at home and take care of them themselves.

Why Young Manila Ladies Seek Older Men

While older foreign men are looking to marry younger women in Manila, these young women are also seeking older foreign men to have as partners. Simply put, these beautiful young ladies want a secure future. As older men are known to be more responsible than younger men, younger Manila women will naturally be attracted to them.

Here are other reasons why younger women in Manila seek older men:

  • Older men tend to be more responsible
  • As stated above, older men, because of their experience and wisdom, are more responsible husbands. They usually have a more stable job and are more than ready to commit to a family of their own.

  • They are more focused on their family
  • Let’s face it—the younger men usually only think about going out with the boys and not much about the family. This is the reason most younger women prefer older men. The older a man gets, the more he realizes that family is more important than going out with the boys.

  • Ready to have a family of their own
  • Older men are not afraid to start a family of their own. Reason being, it gets lonely when you are growing old and you do not have your own family who will always be there for you.

  • Older men are more respectful
  • Younger generations are usually rowdier and a lot less respectful than the older generation. This is because most younger men grew up with technology and have become influenced by social media and other similar media. While men in the olden days grew up with a good upbringing, families nowadays have become a bit too focused on making money that family has become an option instead of a priority.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 19 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
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