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EVERYTHING Changed in the PHILIPPINES | Dating Filipinas

Filipinas dating foreigners often get ridiculed and mocked by strangers around the world. One of the most common criticisms of Filipino women pursuing their dream of romantic connections with foreign bachelors remains the misconception that they’re dating men to escape poverty or despair. These are all misconceptions and it's quite unfair to judge Filipina girls who choose to date foreign guys out of pure love.

As modernity in the West makes courtship more difficult for traditionalists, more men than ever are gravitating to the Philippines where family centric takes on romance remain quite common. The passport bros phenomena that currently floods all social media highlights these characteristics in Filipinas very accurately. There's nothing wrong with Filipina women being acutely aware of their femininity and men to their masculine traits. There is nothing wrong with not fitting in that box either, which is what Cameron, our recent tour client, loves about Filipino culture and Christian dating in the islands.

Cameron bravely subjected himself to ridicule by embarking on solo travel to the Philippines, which he does not regret doing. Fortunately, partnering with a Filipina matchmaker in pursuit of Asian women as potential life partners did work in his favor. Unlike treating Filipino dating apps like cupid, reputable dating agencies have one goal in mind: to help clients guaranty a match with Pinays who possess traditional characteristics like pursuing a lifelong love story.

With the growing interest in the passport bros lifestyle, more foreigners gravitate towards South East Asia, especially the Philippines, in the hopes of getting a shot at love with the Asian women who call the islands home. Filipino women grew curious about foreign suitors while attending speed dating events organized by Filipino matchmakers several times per year.

The age gap may not be a concern for most Filipinas when choosing a partner, because nearly all place greater importance on love than any other concerns. Waiting for cupid to shoot an arrow straight to your heart on dating apps or deciding to randomly cold approach Pinays in Cebu or Davao may seem easier and more convenient when finding a Filipina girlfriend, but working with Pinay matchmakers can make everything a breeze. If Cameron found his Filipina pea to his pod, why couldn’t you?

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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