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How Old is TOO OLD? Filipinas REACT to Dating AGE GAPS

Filipinas are known for their accepting nature–one trait that drives a legion of men from around the world to solo travel to the Philippines in hopes of finding their Filipina pea. But what is an acceptable age gap for a Filipina to let a foreign bachelor into her heart?

Two Filipinas who personify this accepting nature are Rosita and Glory Mae. These Pinays from Cebu show no frills in answering the frequently asked questions about Filipinas dating foreigners.

Right off the bat, Rosita and Glory Mae reveal whether or not age matters when choosing the perfect match. Their response comes as no surprise as it reflects the growing visibility of such WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) couples in the Philippines. Though some people frown upon the sight of May December couples in public, it only proves how accepting Filipinas are of foreign men regardless of age.

Joined by our resident Filipina matchmaker, Ronna Lou, the three Filipinas also discuss other topics of interest among foreign bachelors looking to take their journey of dating beyond borders to the Philippines.

Besides their take on age gap relationships, Rosita and Glory Mae also weigh on dating and even marrying foreigners who have kids or ready-made families. Acknowledging that building connections with a potential husband’s children can be challenging, most Filipinas show willingness to take on the challenge. Besides, family orientation tops among the traits foreign men love about Filipina women making them the perfect tradwife (traditional wife).

Finally, each Filipina bachelorette describes their ideal man whom they are ready to become a Filipina bride of. Without spoiling, Rosita and Glory Mae only ask for a better bachelor than the local men they once dated. Tired of the lackluster domestic dating scene, each Filipina pea hopes their search for love beyond borders takes them to the right pod. Could you be the perfect match?

Whether you’re a passport bro, a MGTOW, or a Red Pill, solo traveling to the Philippines to guaranty a match with a Filipina wife will always be a good idea. Be a bachelor in paradise as you stay in Cebu or Davao or just make any island you land on your love island. Bask in the exotic beauty of nature and meet Filipinas in the likes of Rosita and Glory Mae. And you’re only one decision away from making this dream a reality.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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