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Satisfying the Appetite of Filipino Women

A set of famous Filipino dishes Dating a Filipino woman can mean enjoying delicious Filipino dishes together.

For Western men, the prospect of dating a Filipino woman is quite enticing.

It isn’t just about showing up and looking forward to winning their hearts. Understanding a bit about Filipino cuisine can make dating Filipino girls quite easier that you'd expect. The dining habits of Filipino women can sometimes be drastically different than that of Western women.

For starters, many Filipinas aren’t into drinking wine and they usually have bigger appetites than most men.

Many men who want to date Filipinas ponder what to say to a Filipina girl, during a date.

Dating a Filipina is mostly about making sure that she’s well-fed, because women from the Philippines simply love to eat.

Those who want to know first hand what it’s like dating a Filipina will have to be ready to satisfy both their appetites.

Filipino Fast Food

Fast food restaurants are about as common as churches in the Philippines. When trying to find a good place to eat, men only have to take maybe five or six steps to find some kind of fast food establishment.

Local fast food chains often offer dishes that are on the sweeter side. This is because Filipinos have a noted sweet tooth and most savory dishes are a little sweeter than average.

For instance, in Western culture, spaghetti doesn’t usually taste sweet. But with Filipinos, they enjoy having their spaghetti sweet.

Street Food in the Philippines

The Philippines is famously known for having some of the most delectable street food.

It’s not just pretzels and hot dogs either. Filipino street food is on a different level than what most Western countries have to offer. With grilled chicken, pork belly, shaved ice and crispy pata on the menu, you can get a taste of the Philippines simply by walking down the street.

One extremely popular street food option is barbecue. Filipinos love barbecue and there are so many places where they can get these dishes cheap.

For less than the cost of cab fare, a Filipino can get some pork barbecue skewers and a couple servings of rice wrapped in leaves.

Street food makes for a cheap and filling option, and one that a Filipino woman will have a hard time turning down.

Filipino Buffets

If there’s one kind of restaurant that can satisfy the near endless appetite of a Filipina, it’s one that offers a buffet. Buffets are synonymous with cuisines typically found in Asian countries.

With exorbitant amounts of food that are constantly being replenished, not to mention the variety, there’s no telling how much a Filipina can get into her stomach.

Cuisine Around the World

More international food has popped up in the Philippines over the last few years. As more economic opportunities are becoming available, younger Filipinos find themselves with more disposable income to spend on food.

All kinds of different restaurants have started opening up giving Filipinos and those who want to date them, more and more options for dinner dates.

Home Cooking in the Philippines

Now, if a foreigner travels to the Philippines to date a Filipina, chances are that they aren’t going to be able to cook a meal for their date since accommodations don’t usually offer a full kitchen.

But if the relationship progresses well enough, the man may end up being allowed to sample some home cooking with his girl as she takes him to meet her family and enjoy dining on some Filipino food staples.

All things considered, dating a Filipino woman is going to mean making sure that she’s well-fed, and that your dates with her should be those that involve food.

Who knows, the more you explore and try out the many different Filipino dishes, the more you’ll fall in love with their culture.

You just might end up wanting to learn how to cook these dishes for yourself in the future!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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